Welcome to the Peterson Farm Blog!

We are glad you are here! This blog was created for us to address the many questions people have about farmers and modern day agriculture. We hope that our blog will be a source of answers for people who are searching for the truth! Feel free to leave a comment or question and we will do our best to get back to you. Thanks!

Introduction: All I Do Is Farm (The Blog)

Greg Peterson: Advocate for Truth

  1. GMOs
  2. Livestock Production: Animal Welfare
    1. Introduction: Why do we raise animals for food and products?
    2. The Life Cycle of Beef Cattle
    3. The Life Cycle of Dairy Cattle
    4. The Life Cycle of Swine
    5. The Life Cycle of Poultry
    6. The Welfare of Livestock Today
    7. Conclusion: The Welfare of Livestock Compared to the Welfare of Humans, Pets, Wildlife
  3. Chemical Usage in Agriculture
  4. Organic Farming and Conventional Farming
  5. Family Farming, Industrial Farming, Factory Farming
  6. Hormones and Antibiotics (Coming Soon – Until then see blogs about Chipotle below)
  7. Monsanto (Coming Soon)

The Peterson Farm Bros Beef With Chipotle

  1. Part 1: The Peterson Farm Bros Beef With Chipotle
  2. Part 2: The Definition of a Family Farmer
  3. Part 3: The Definition of a Humanely Raised Animal
  4. Part 4: The Definition of Ethical Behavior

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Peterson Farm Blog!

  1. I started to read your opening comments young man, but the way you started this page for information and spoke of your beliefs and convictions, really impressed me. I have been affiliated with agriculture for 64 years. Nothing big no more than 160 acres. My main occupation with agriculture was in a commercial cattle feeding operation, with the name of Lane county Feeders or LCF which was north of Dighton Kansas. But this small farm in which I live up on is a small family farm. You might as well call it nothing more than a hobby. But nevertheless I appreciate what this family is doing, and honestly needs to be done. Show the work, definitely show the fun, and the benefits of the operation. The last I knew it was hard to find qualified workers, Farm life has truly never been represented as a qualified job, now I maybe wrong at this but I feel not. It’s not like you see it on TV or cable every day, like the old westerns in my younger day, to spark an interest in this way of life, in your opening lines of this page, I see a young Man, with a man with an older mine, I can really really I appreciate this. I enjoy what I have seen up on Facebook and other sites. The bottom line is I give you a big thumbs up for what you’re doing and your mindset in which you’re doing it young man

  2. Greg, bros, and other family farmers;
    First, without the agenda-driven emotion, I want to thank you for establishing a blog on the subject of GMOs. I sense that you and your family, along with many, many other farming families, are honest in your view of this subject.

    Having driven a taxi, years ago and for 10 years, I developed a healthy sense of distrust and an ability to see through many con jobs. I know it’s conceivable that your blog is set up to appear wholesome and forthcoming on the subject of GMOs when it’s not. I’ll set aside that possibility since at least many of your readers, and very likely you, too, are well-intentioned in this area.

    While reading through your posts, I kept coming back to my thought process about marijuana many years ago. In Jr High (now “middle” school) and HS, smoking pot, I’d thought to myself that, if I were to find valid evidence that pot was bad for you, I’d quit. However, looking back, I see that I wasn’t willing to look for that evidence, being more interested in something supporting using the crap. I sense that you may have some of this tendency involved in your conclusions on GMO usage.

    Increasingly these days, I’m finding misinformation campaigns. Too many people are ostriches with their head in the sand. There are not enough of us, currently, actively uncovering truth in important areas (government, banks, psychiatry, GMOs, health, the UN, the AMA/APA/ADA, the military industrial complex, and more – follow the money). The “Bread and Circuses” concept is being used to keep us “happy” and unwilling to look for the truth. See http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Bread%20and%20Circuses?s=t

    While evolving our ag system to not use GMOs would be arduous and difficult, I agree with you that the truth is still important to locate. Thus, I’m hoping that you will be willing to look at valid data that contradicts the studies you reference in support of GMO crops not being harmful to humans.

    I won’t dig thoroughly for references – I’m already doing what I need and want to for my own health. But you might like to read this article and it’s supporting sources. It’s a valuable site for searching for info on many subjects and I’m sure you can find more useful info on GMOs there, too.


    On the other hand, if I check back later and find this post has been removed, despite it not being full of rude, emotion-driven vitriol on the subject, I’ll know that the honesty you claim to have is only lip service. Let us all be known by our actions.

    Best to you, Janice

    • Janice,
      Thanks for the message and the thoughtful comment! You do provide some interesting perspectives that I will keep in mind and I thank you for that. While I do try to be skeptical of our government, industry, etc. I also know that most of those people are good people who are doing their best to make the right choices. There are bad apples in every industry, but most of the people involved, if you take time to get to know them, are good people. I’ve met a lot of people who are high up in the ag industry and I have never felt like they are just “following the money.” I think it is the same in other industries as well. That being said, the scientific community is in high consensus that GMOs have not been proven to be dangerous. I will trust them as the experts in that as well as trust my own experience in dealing with the technology. I will also look at facts and information found from studies, etc. The study you linked however is on a web site that is selling health products. At the bottom of the page it asks for a donation to the “organic consumers association.” I have trouble believing that is not a biased website? And a lot of what it talks about I have already discussed in the blog. I hope that you find I am the honest person you hoped I would be. Lip service is not something I want to be known for.

  3. Read your bible then look at the info Then come to a decision based on gods word! Don’t give up and don’t give in to this world.You are a bright young man God bless

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  5. Hello – The information on your site, in your videos, and on your blog is so informative and entertaining. As a NYS Farm Bureau member who is concerned about the impact of a changing climate on agriculture and farming and is a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (www.citizensclimatelobby.org), I am wondering what your thoughts might be on 1) the impact of a changing climate on farming and agriculture in the U.S.; 2) whether there are national and/or international policies you would support to help mitigate global warming causing climate change; and, if so 3) what those policies might be. Thanks in advance for any response.

  6. Hello! How are you? I hope everything is OK
    I’m Sasha, I am 14 years old
    I’m from Russia (You read all over the world, yes)
    I really liked your blog
    how you came up with this idea?
    very unusual topic (the first time I see a farmer’s blog lol) and cool design
    whether it was difficult to create it? Do you have a lot of readers?
    you are such popular lol
    I found you on the website below, I did not expect that it’s so cool
    keep up the good work you are doing useful things
    Good luck, I love you
    (By the way you are very cool)
    (Sorry for my english, it is not my mother tongue)

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